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Harry Gruyaert, Launderette, Town of Antwerpen, Flanders Region, Belgium, 1988
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Design Crush
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James Startt
18:54"Believing something will happen
Because I don’t want it to
And that some other thing won’t
Because I do" — Tom Clark, Crisis on the Savannah (via nevver)

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[Veronika Voss] was your fortieth film. I have the feeling many people see you as a hamster in an exercise wheel, constantly under pressure to produce. Do you see it that way, too?
Well, there are two factors here. First, I don’t work more than other people, more than someone stamping out cans in a factory, or the like. I just work all year long; I don’t take as many vacations as the others in the industry. That’s one side of it. The other side is that I really have a drive that’s hard to explain—it makes me have to do things, and I’m actually only happy when I’m doing things, and that’s my drug, if you will… When I was very small I already knew I was supposed to make many films. I can only tell you that when I shot my first take it was more fantastic than the most fantastic orgasm I ever had. That was a feeling, indescribable.
Rainer Werner FassbinderMay 31, 1945 — June 10, 1982
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Andrea Tomas Prato
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Francis Bacon
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Gerhard Richter, Mustang-Staffel, 2005